Your Aura

Auras surround people, animals, plants, is the energy we breathe in and out and what surrounds us. Energy is transferred and can change from one form to another in an instant. This Aura Photography process allows you the opportunity to capture the energy you receive, hold and give out to others- in physical form.

The more you recognize and connect with the truth behind energy flow, the more you will be able to connect with what is being received and given. The human organism is much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states and this can energize cells that can increase cortisol or catabolic cells depending on the emotional trigger. We exchange, reject, and even heal each other simply through energy transfer just like plants do.

To be able to capture your energy in this moment is truly the most exciting energy exchange we can give to you. Enjoy!


Red is the color of survival, change, courage, passion, determination, and our connection to our physical body. This appears for people who embrace the physical world and understand reality. Those with red emissions in their energy fields are powerful people that rely deny themselves the pleasures and indulgences of the physical plane. If it is murky or dark, you may be holding on to resentment, trauma or even being over worked. Red means a vibrant life, passionate lover, the ability to overcome obstacles and read any room they enter.


A true lighter pink, baby or bubblegum pink, can be seen in people who are gentle and radiate pleasant, loving energy to every bring the come into contact with. They are deeply sensitive and embrace love, attraction, creativity and light up a space. They are natural healers to others and creatives. The color pink vibrates on a similar frequency with green, which corresponds with the heart chakra. People who have light pink emissions can fill a space with their natural gentle and full energy by just being present. People with pink auras can heal with a smile and their gestures are day makers to others, even strangers around them.


Those with a magenta aura are true originals. The color magenta is a combination of red and blue frequencies= technically right in between the two on the color spectrum. Those with this color masterfully combine the ability to understand the physical world (Red) with a heightened capacity for intuitive thinking. (Blue) This makes for a perfect creative. These high-energy, naturally creative beings thrive on originality and innovation. They tend to walk to the beat of their own drum and sometimes come across as eccentric. Following the crowd is boring and restrictive for magenta auras and they often look at life with a great sense of humor. Peer pressure has no effect on them as they are confident in their individualism and unique take on life's situations. Magentas are usually strong willed, rarely understood, and thrill seekers. They love to be free spirited and feel the need to alway be authentic to themselves in every situation. They also tend to dominate others and can sometimes therapize their peers because if their keen ability to connect with their higher sense of emotional intelligence.


Orange is the color of confidence, creativity, strong sense of identity, independence and personal desires. Warm, rich oranges indicated the ability to integrate different aspects; sociability, self-motivation, originality, and creative abilities; and an open minded, enthusiastic and optimistic nature. It is the energy center for exchange of emotions and relationships, placing high value on friendship. Those with orange emissions resonate with the vibrations of joyful exchange, whether that be work, money, resources, time, energy or love. People who emit orange are relatable and work well in a team. They are thrill seekers and don't want to be still in life. They crave newness and sensation. Orange can also indicate a sense of oversensitive egoism and territorial tendencies.


People who vibrate yellow rule with intellect, self-esteem and personal power. For logic and intellectual achievement, speculative abilities, versatility and mental dexterity. Yellow is one of the every day living layers as they are natural born leaders that obtain the ability to positively motivate people around them. Individuals with a yellow aura encourage and support others by naturally being themselves- they radiate like the sun and they are full of inner joy, generosity, and confidence. When the yellow is darker and dense in our aura, we may be experiencing self-criticism, perfectionism, or operating too much from our ego.


Can be found in individuals who are very methodical, logical and analytical. They choose to process steps thoroughly, be very practical, security conscious, and have a tendency to keep their feelings to themselves. Tan emissions give off the energy of someone who have an approach on life that is step by step. Their down to earth personality traits value commitment, security, love to learn, analyze and understand three dimensional reality. They have a strategic linear way of thinking.


Green frequencies resonate with the vibration of the heart chakra, the center of personal growth and healing. Those who radiate green auras also radiate unconditional love and a life force energy much like a magnet and have a trustworthy, loving heart. Individuals with intense green in their auras are typically drawn to nature, animals and are natural self healers. Being in the presence of green emissions gives a calming nature, balanced energy flow with all who are around and can easily distribute their energy to their creative goals and the people they love. They have a sense of responsibility and service to others in their lives and are very self assertive. They are naturally lucky, focused, profoundly creative, and have high aspirations. If you have a murky dark green you may be experiencing envy or even jealousy for something that is not yet in your realm.


Blue is the color of the throat ruling communication and self-expression. A true lighter blue is indicative of a person with natural expressive gifts, emotional intelligence and the ability to speak their truth. There is a level of old inner knowledge and wisdom that tend to rely on their feelings to determine what is right instead of outside data. They flow with their gut and are expressive dreamers who place great importance on personal relationships. The lighter the blue of your aura, the more at peace you are with your emotions. Blue means perceptive, natural inner healing powers, broad vision for situations and the color of a truth seeker. They are able to read people and situations easily and with natural authority. A dark blue is indicative of someone whose conservatism and unnecessary concern for others can lead with rigidity, harsh opinions, and an intolerance in others lifestyles & differences.


These colors of blue indicate inner knowledge and intuition. Inner visions or even spirituality and knowledge for the future and from past lives are abilities of Indigo's evolving soul. Clairvoyance, enhanced intuition and the ability to know certain things naturally are all present in this aura spectrum. When the Indigo is blurred, it implies that its owner is spending too long on stress and self pity. This can also indicate an oversensitivity to the world. They operate on a different level socially than most and as communicators, can help people who they connect with see the beauty and vastness of the universe and mind.


This is a connection to our dreams and higher consciousness. Individuals with violet in their auras are dynamic, visionaries, charismatic, and have powerful personalities. Their task or mission in life is to lead and inspire others. They have an inner and driving urge to do something important with their life. The visionary in them makes for ideas and inspiration to many. They focus on the bigger picture and vibrate at a very high speed, signaling a close connection to high thought activity and an ability to manifest these thoughts into their reality. They are natural empaths and have the ability to gain recognition, especially in the performing or creative arts, in a meaningful way. A dull violet can indicate depression or a lack of personal meaning in their spiritual and physical realm.


A Pure all white aura with no other color present is the mark a person who has transcended the limitations of the physical realm. These rare individuals have connected with something beyond the world as we physically know it. They follow a unique path in life and will make a difference in their world and others. Their impact on the planet is important and draw energy at much higher frequencies than most.

What is most common are those with white within their auras and other colors. These individuals are in a spiritually motivated state and possess an openness and receptiveness to the energy that they are surrounded by. They are concerned with truth and consciousness, purity of intention and the quest for what life holds and what is of worth.

White also represents distance from the physical plane as the person may be out of touch with the real world. They have a tendency to alienate themselves and have an unwillingness to reach out to others. These colors also represent an attitude of self obsession, perfection and beauty, and the drive to push ahead to the point of inevitable burn out.

light, clear, or black

A clear black, almost transparent aura may indicate low energy levels. It means that person is resting emotionally and is exhausted spiritually. This can happen after a large amount of stress and is the result of a person emotional shielding themselves from others and the outside world. Black- Clear auras are an emotionally cut off energy that is resistant to exposure due to vulnerability. It can indicate exhaustion, depression, self-protection or the result of being around an "emotional vampire". That is someone who drains your energy with their negativity and ability to make you feel you are unworthy of more. Perhaps someone in your life is holding you back from living a life you actually desire.


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